[Request] Hotkey to increment values up/down by 1.

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[Request] Hotkey to increment values up/down by 1.

Postby Doublefrost » Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:10 pm

A hotkey to increment values up/down by 1 would be very useful in some situations. Particularly when building inventory lists in console style RPGs that use the memory address to reference an item table. It would come in handy for a number of other bizarre memory hack situations I get into but this is the simplest one to give an example of.

Take The Last Remnant (PC) for example. Let's say I manage to isolate the main character's primary weapon at address 1AAC0000 as a short. If I set the value to 98, I get a Broadsword. If I set it to 286 I get a Ninja Katana. 821 a Cudgel. So on and so forth. In this game's case, there are at least 1361 valid numbers for an equipped item address. While it's possible to locate an unknown item without a base reference point by manually adjusting values the long way one point at a time, it's very time consuming.

Usually do this sort of thing to get around hard coded limitations in various games and go with really crazy custom setups. Sometimes, it doesn't even crash the games. If there's already a feature that does this, sorry! Tried to look through, couldn't see anything that pointed to it.
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Re: [Request] Hotkey to increment values up/down by 1.

Postby L. Spiro » Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:00 am

In fact you have the ability to put such a feature together yourself via very basic scripting.
The script function EvalExp() can be used to parse any expression, which is what complex addresses are, which means you can easily keep track of the address even if it requires a complex address.
With that you can use ReadProcessMemory() and WriteProcessMemory() to add or subtract from the address.
You can also set multiple hotkeys to set the desired address to a specific number, and this does not even need scripts (unless the address is dynamic). Use the Poke hotkey function to write a value to a given address. You can easily use this to set up hotkeys to change your weapon to any other weapon at the press of a key.

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