Found Addresses

After a search or sub search, if there are any results, they will be displayed in the Found Addresses lists.


Dockable Address List

Dockable Address List

The dockable address list is used for quick access to the list of values returned by a search or sub search. The list has no limit on the number of items it can display, except limits imposed by Windows® itself, and the list is filled immediately, without creating lag after searches.

If you want to add addresses from this list to the main list, double click them. Note that after some searches, values can not be directly added, and instead double clicking will show the RAM Watcher. Multiple values can be selected and added at once by holding Shift or Ctrl.

To load the Hex Editor on one of the addresses, select it and press H.

All results display an address and a value. Some search results then display additional information related to the search type. The Value column shows the value at the time of the search while the Current Value shows the values in real-time. Green text indicates static addresses.

If you want to move the window without allowing it to dock, hold Ctrl while you drag it. This applies to all dockable windows in MHS.

If you close this window and want it back, use the Window/Found Addresses menu item.

This window also contains shortcut buttons for the last search, sub search, and adding values, respectively.

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